Faucet and fixture
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Faucet fixtures & repairs are a common feature in every household. Sinks, tubs, faucets, toilets and showers are typical examples. Besides their obvious functionality, fixtures play an important role in the plumbing mechanism.

The fixtures constitute the "final stop" for the water supply pipes, and are the "first stop" for the drainpipes, as they begin their way towards sewage facilities. A hot water line carries heated water from the heater to all fixtures and other relevant appliances.

So, what's the difference between combination faucets for bathtub and shower? First of all, combination faucets for shower are more compact, they do not have the tap and bathtub/shower switch. Water flows right into the shower fittings and is mixed there, so you receive the water of required temperature. Combination faucets used for bathtub are usually with low tap, rotating or fixed. Combination faucets with hand spray and height-adjustable shower holders as well as wall-mounted combination faucets are usually used with bathtubs. Some models are equipped with electronic control system.

Plumbing problems sometimes stem from leaky or overflowing fixtures. Your professional Franklin Plumbing Heating and Cooling can repair existing fixtures and install new ones.